Give the gift of a hot meal this holiday season!

The Teapot is on a mission to ensure that not one of our participants is forgotten this holiday season. Help us spread holiday cheer by providing a warm meal to one of our social services participants.

Here are some ways you can support this initiative:

  • Make a Donation: You can contribute $25.00 to provide a warm meal to an older adult. You can do this through cash, cheque, debit/credit card at The Teapot Center, or online through our website, or by sending an e-transfer to Remember to specify that your donation is for the “Give a Meal” campaign. Additionally, consider including a holiday message for the recipient of your donation.
  • Spread the Word: Share this initiative with friends, family, and colleagues who may be interested in donating or volunteering—the more people who know about it, the greater the impact.
  • Volunteer for Deliveries: If you have the time and willingness to volunteer, contact Melissa, the Volunteer Coordinator, and express your interest in helping with meal deliveries on December 20th. Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the cause directly.
  • Encourage Others to Volunteer: You can still encourage others if you can’t volunteer. Mention the opportunity to friends or social groups interested in helping out.
  • Deadline: Don’t forget that donations are accepted until Wednesday, December 13th. If you plan to donate or volunteer, do so before this date.

By supporting The Teapot’s “Give a Meal” campaign, you’ll positively impact the lives of older adults in your community, ensuring they have a warm meal and feel the holiday spirit.