Now that the temperature is rising along with the number of vaccinated Canadians, it is the perfect time to get outside and get moving. It has been difficult for a lot of us to get out of the house this past year, so it is a good idea to start off slowly and increase your physical activity gradually! 

For seniors, it is recommended to be physically active for 150 minutes per week (1). That comes out to just 20 minutes a day. The perfect amount of time for a walk! Being active can improve balance, reduce falls and injuries, help prevent many diseases and help you stay independent longer! Getting active outdoors is also a great opportunity for socialization. You can walk and talk with friends or you may even meet someone new along the way.

As the weather gets warmer, it is important to stay hydrated and safe while walking outside. Here are some tips (2):

  1. Drink a glass of water 1-2 hours before heading out
  2. Avoiding walking outside between 10 am and 2 pm, the hottest time of the day
  3. Wear a hat, sunscreen, and breathable shoes (ex. running shoes or athletic sandals)
  4. Wear breathable, loose-fitting clothing (ex. short-sleeved shirts, shorts, flowy skirts and dresses) 
  5. Bring a water bottle with you 
    • In the evening, try filling up a water bottle halfway then freezing it. In the morning, you can top it off with water for a nice cold refreshment! 
  6. Try walking in more shady areas
  7. Listen to your body! 
    • Stop or take breaks when you need to.

If the weather is too hot or there are heatwave warnings, stay indoors! You can do some light exercise at home as you see in this video. You can also take a break from exercise, especially if you do not have air conditioning!

Heat Wave tips (3)

  1. Cool down by having a cool shower or bath. You can also:
    • Put a cold cloth on your neck 
    • Put your feet in cool water
  2. Diversify your liquids to make sure your staying hydrated and getting enough nutrients. Try drinking:
    • Milk, fruit-infused water, fruit juice, coconut water, sports drinks or Pedialyte
  3. Snack on fruits and vegetables for extra hydration!
  4. Close the blinds or curtains to keep your home cooler
  5. Wear as little clothing as possible
  6. Since heat rises, stay on the ground floor or basement (if you have multiple floors)
  7. Call 9-1-1 if you are concerned about your well being

If you would like The Teapot to check in on you during heat waves, please call Jackie at 514-637-5627 to get your name on our call list.  



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