Intervention Worker

Overview of the position:

The Teapot aims to tackle the issue of social isolation and loneliness – which profoundly impacts the health and well-being of older adults from all walks of life. The Intervention Worker works to diminish the risks of social isolation by assisting with intervention services.


Key areas of responsibility:

● Establish one-on-one relationships with older adults with diverse needs and support and guidance to individuals during the interventions.

● Supports with assessments to determine the needs and goals of individuals through friendly visits and calls to isolated seniors.

● Monitor progress and make adjustments to intervention strategies as needed.

● Ensure 50+ communities of Lachine have access to food by coordinating and implementing shopping food service.

● Recruit and engage participants in the intervention programs and facilitate social integration of isolated older adults.

● Supervision and integrated volunteers within the services.

● Work in collaboration with other professionals and agencies involved in the intervention process.

● Collect data for information, including maintaining documentation, statistical data, and reporting.



The Social Service Coordinator supervises the Intervention worker and reports to the Executive Director.


Job Conditions and Benefits:

● Full-time permanent position
● Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
● Salary range: $22.00 to $24.00
● Health and paramedic benefits package
● Transport allowance
● Two weeks vacation

Requirements and skills:

● Diploma in Special Care Counseling, Social Services or related studies or equivalent work-related experience.
● Experience in group dynamics and interpersonal relationships.
● Able to intervene in a complex situation.
● Good problem-solving skills and ability to manage stressful situations.
● knowledgeable and interested in learning about community resources.
● Bilingualism is essential.
● An understanding of seniors who have mental health, cognitive decline, and reduced mobility needs.


Interested candidates can submit their CV with letters of interest to
Tamara Peel at by April 20th, 2024.