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Discover how you can support The Teapot’s mission and empower positive change in the lives of the 50+ community.

Because they matter, too.

Together, we have the power to overcome challenges. Your contribution today will pave the way for a brighter future where every adult aged 50+ feels valued and connected. Join us to create a future where no one is left behind.

Fundraising Initiatives


Each year, The Teapot works hard to fundraise to support the needs of our programs. Some of these initiatives are one-time events, while others take place all year long.


Donated items such as clothing, footwear, purses, and kitchenware are sold at attractive prices in our Boutique. All proceeds directly support our programs. Prices vary.


Order gift cards from The Teapot for your everyday purchases and participating companies will contribute a percentage to the fundraiser. It’s user-friendly and has no added cost for you.


Display your support by wearing The Teapot branded t-shirts, carrying water bottles, bags, and other merchandise.

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