Become a Volunteer

Our organization is always on the lookout for devoted individuals or groups who are looking to lend a hand by sharing their skills, talents, and time with us.

Volunteer Opportunities

Last year, our volunteers generously contributed over 7000 hours of service to our centre in a myriad of ways. A few hours a week or month is all it takes to make a difference in your community! Put your talents and skills to work and enrich your life as part of our team!

General Opportunities

We offer individuals the opportunity to volunteer once, weekly, or on a monthly basis.


We provide stagiaire students with experience in many facets of the organization.

Corporate & Groups

Come with your colleagues, family, and/or friends to enjoy volunteering together.

General Positions

Due to COVID-19, our volunteer opportunities focus on ensuring our members have access to essential services and stay connected. Many of these positions can be fulfilled from the comfort of your own home. 

Grocery Shopping at Metro

Schedule: Fridays, 6:30 – 9:00 am

Where: Metro Plus Lachine
2425 rue Remembrance, H8S 1X4

Every week, a dedicated group of volunteers shops for up to 60 different individuals or couples who belong to the 50+ community in Lachine who are unable to shop for themselves.

Volunteers are given several grocery lists to fulfill; once one list is complete, Teapot staff members will process the transaction at the cash and the volunteer moves on to the next order.

Our volunteers are given advance entry to the store to ensure social distancing is maintained, and to facilitate the smooth running of this important program.

Weekly Grocery Calls

Schedule: Weekly, between Tuesday and Thursday

Where: This is a remote position that can be carried out from home

Every week, volunteers call nearly 60 individuals or couples from Lachine’s 50+ community to take down their weekly grocery orders.

Volunteers are provided with a list of names to call at a pre-established time between Tuesday and Thursday (by noon at the latest), and orders can be transcribed directly into a template found in Google Docs.

Bilingualism is an asset, as is a familiarity with the items and brands typically carried in local supermarkets.

Reassurance calls

Either weekly, biweekly, or every three weeks at a pre-established time.

This is a remote position that can be carried out from home/at a distance

Do you love to chat? In the wake of the pandemic, many members of the 50+ community have begun to feel the psychological and social toll that isolation can take.

Our reassurance calls ensure that anyone who could use a short, light conversation to pass the time or feel connected to another person is able to access this crucial service.

Volunteers are given a list of members who have signed up to receive these calls. Orientation for volunteers is provided in conjunction with our Community Support Services.

Volunteer Drivers

Schedule: By appointment (our Community Support Coordinator will contact volunteers as needed)

Where: Lachine and the surrounding areas (West Island, Lasalle, Montreal)

Our dedicated team of volunteer drivers truly do it all – from taking members to doctor’s appointments, to bringing them to the mall to run errands, to quick trips to the bank.

Students Placements

Students play an important role within The Teapot. The assistance they provide our centre is truly a help, we are able to do more because of these resources.

Schools that we have partnered with:

  • Concordia University
  • McGill University
  • Dawson College
  • Vanier College
  • PACC
  • CEA – Champlain
  • Lakeside Academy

Special Care Counselling/Social Services

SCC and SS students assist our Community Support Services. Depending on how many days you’re with us, you can support us with:

  • Shopping program
  • Reassurance Calls
  • Friendly Calls/Visits
  • Integration Activities
Community Recreation Leadership Training

CRLT students assist our Centre Activities. Depending on how many days you’re with us, you can support us with:

  • Animating weekly activities
  • Developing new programming
  • Developing a special project/event
Applied Human Sciences

AHSC students assist with organizational development. In previous years, projects have included:

  • Developing and implementing impact surveys
  • Facilitating focus groups and World Cafe’s
  • Researching best practices and relevant publications
  • Analyzing information and creating tools to be implemented

Nursing students assist our Activity Coordinator with developing information sessions for our members.

Previous workshop topics include:

  • Vitamins
  • Vitamins and Medication
  • Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Healthy Nutrition
Corporate Groups

Our programs, services, and activities are greatly enhanced by our partnerships with local businesses and companies through our corporate volunteering program. Employee-sponsored volunteering is a great way for companies to have a direct impact on their community by sharing their varied skills and talents. The Teapot offers a diverse range of volunteering opportunities for corporate groups of all sizes.

Companies that we have partnered with:

  • Air Canada
  • Cummins
  • Hewlett Packard
  • HSBC
  • L’Oreal
  • MAAX Bath Inc
  • Pfizer
  • Pharmascience
  • Rotary Club of Montreal-Lakeshore
  • UPS